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May Roses

The peak of the May flush has happened…it was a great rose season here.

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May 9 in the Garden

It has rained so much that there is water standing in my backyard as well as the front.  Many of the roses are just plain soggy.  Some of the varieties I grow have petals that can’t stand up to all … Continue reading

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Ike made his presence felt here.

We have some very large tree limbs down in our back yard, and our power was out all day.  I know this is nothing compared to what many families are dealing with, but that was quite a wind this morning.  … Continue reading

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More roses the beetles missed

Three of those sweet little blooms are Granada–one of my favorites–and the other, right-most in the vase, is Day Breaker. What’s the difference? Granada’s blooms are more vivid in color and finer, and often have a fragrance.

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Mid-summer Rose Care

Between Japanese beetles and blackspot, it is not a beautiful time in the rose garden. When I realized that I had lost my battle with blackspot, I started alternating the fungicides I spray, and  spraying a little more frequently.  The … Continue reading

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April 11 — Garden Log

While I’ve been distracted, and while it has rained and rained and rained, the roses have been growing, and today I walked around to see how everyone made out in the big wind of last night (fine) and discovered that … Continue reading

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Garden Log — March 21

Phew!  It is a beautiful, though windy, day outside.  I dug a trench around the Austin Rose bed, dug out a bunch of ditch lilies that are out of control and were a bad idea, it turns out and did … Continue reading

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