My Rose List

Antique Roses

Francis Dubreuil [own root, Chamblee’s spring ’04]
Clementina Carbonieri [own root, Ashdown, spring ’05]
Souvenir de la Malmaison [S & W, fall ’04]
Penelope [S&W, Fall ’03]
Ballerina [Own Root, Chamblee’s Fall ’03]
Zephirine Drouhin [Rolling Hills Spring ’04] [moved, summer 05]
Gruss An Aachen [S&W, Fall ’03]

Modern shrub roses, floribundas, etc

Bonica [Lowe’s, Summer ’03]
Lavaglut [S&W, Fall ’03]
China Doll [S&W, Fall ’03]
Cl. Eden [Bare root, Park, Spring 04]
Belinda’s Dream [own root, Chamblee’s, Fall ’04]
Tuscan Sun [Grafted, Rolling Hills, Spring ’06]
KnockOut x 4 [own root, Chamblee’s, ’05 and ’06]
Iceberg [Lowe’s body bag, spring 06]

David Austin Roses

The Squire [S&W, Fall ’03]
The Herbalist [Bare root, Park, Spring 04]
Winchester Cathedral [S&W, Fall ’03]
Heritage [Own Root, Chamblee’s Fall ’03]
Gertrude Jekyll [Rolling Hills, May 03] Moved, fall ’04
Falstaff [S&W, Fall ’04]
Tamora [S&W, Fall ’03]
The Prince [S&W, Fall ’03]
Pat Austin x 2 [Chamblee’s Fall ’04, Rolling Hills, grafted, Spring ’06]
Molineux [own root Chamblee’s Spring ’05]
Golden Celebration [own root Chamblee’s Spring ’06]
William Shakespeare 2000 [own root Chamblee’s Fall ’06]
Abraham Darby [own root Chamblee’s Spring ’05]

Hybrid Tea Roses

Mr. Lincoln [S&W Fall ’05]
Oklahoma x 2 [S&W Fall ’05]
Granada [S&W Fall ’05]
Liebeszauber [S&W Fall ’05]
Pascali [Bare root, Lowe’s body bag, ’06]
Veteran’s Honor [Grafted, Rolling Hills, Spring ’06]
Marilyn Monroe [S&W Feb ’07 bareroot]
Valencia [S&W Feb ’07 bareroot]
Brigadoon [S&W Feb ’07 bareroot]
Ingrid Bergman [Rolling Hills Mar ’07]
Queen Elizabeth [Walmart bareroot in bagged pot, Mar ’07]

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