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An incomplete outline of Christmas

Scott’s dad and stepmom joined us here for Christmas, arriving on the 24th for dinner and staying until the morning of the 27th.   It was a good visit and I could tell they enjoyed being in our home.  It’s been … Continue reading

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More Great Christmas Music from KDFC

We’re listening to the live stream from KDFC tonight and really enjoying it.  If you’re looking for some classical Christmas music, check it out.  It’s gone from their Christmas station to their regular station now.  Just hit the big yellow … Continue reading

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The Sussex Carol

I wish I could have gone to church this morning, and I wish I could have gone to my other church’s children’s Christmas play this afternoon. Instead I’m home in my jammies and slippers, feeling rather horrible. Voice over: We … Continue reading

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So now that I’ve come out…

as an Episcopalian, that is…I feel like my reader might be going WHA???  Which would have been my reaction a couple years ago. Formerly I discounted the Episcopal Church as a Christian church because they had long gone in for … Continue reading

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Musical Goodness to Share

Earlier I mentioned the new Yo-yo Ma and Friends album, Songs of Joy and Peace. Alison Krauss and Yo-yo Ma were on the CBS Early Show this morning and performed their song from the album, the Wexford Carol, which is … Continue reading

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Report on New Roses

In 2008, I added these new roses, thanks to a generous gift certificate from my father-in-law.  This time of year it does my heart good to see pictures like these!  So as an excuse for sharing the photos with you, … Continue reading

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Dinner tonight – clam chowder and french bread

Tonight I made an old favorite, the Cooking for Engineers” version of clam chowder. To the recipe given at the site I added bacon and a tablespoon and a half of red wine vinegar. Extremely delicious.

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Classic Christmas Music to the Rescue, 2008 Edition

The Christmas spirit doesn’t descend upon me until later in the month, but the decorating rolls around before that.   And I do love the tree and the garlands and the candles and all that once they’re in place. Must get … Continue reading

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Here’s a Little Bach to Lighten the Mood

Having been in rant mode for the last few posts, I think it’s time to throw out some pretty music.   Here’s a beautiful mandolin and mando-cello duet arrangement of part of the Bach Goldberg variations. And I understand that the … Continue reading

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Feed My Sheep

The charge from the post-resurrection Jesus to Peter was, “If you love me, feed my sheep.”   And later Peter wrote to other church elders, “shepherd the flock of God that is among you.”  The metaphor had stuck with Peter. … Continue reading

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Observations for Parents

While we’re on the subject of parents learning as they go, starting from the early naivete of being a new parent and having your early fears and idealism exploited by some author’s misbegotten plan that’s more analogous to obedience-training your … Continue reading

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What Makes a Mother Do This?

I received a disturbing letter from someone who was under the influences of the promises and fear tactics of a book on “infant management.” Such books lure inexperienced or overwhelmed parents with a promise (sleep through the night, raise a … Continue reading

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Blossom Dearie for Mom

My mom noticed that the songwriter credit for one of the songs on the below-mentioned Yo Yo Ma album was listed as “Blossom Dearie”. And that is her real name. She has a unique voice. I like what the note … Continue reading

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Big, warm, friendly music

We bought Songs of Joy and Peace by Yo-yo Ma & Friends and it arrived from Amazon the other day. Cello is one of the friendliest-sounding instruments, and Ma is one of the friendliest-looking people, and the album concept is … Continue reading

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