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We’re Finally Getting a New Priest!

At long last…it seems like it’s been quite awhile!  We have managed to carry on through the use of visiting priests interspersed by Sundays where someone in the congregation led “Morning Prayer” services and, more recently, the generosity of a … Continue reading

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Game Night & Other Family Activities

When my middle son and his girlfriend come over, the treats flow!  We don’t do this weekly due to Scott’s busy evenings but every two or three weeks.  Usually they’ll bring over an appetizer or a loaf of homemade bread … Continue reading

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Think back…way back…

One of the stranger parts of being a Christian is regularly encountering a text that is from antiquity.  And this means regularly thinking about people who lived so long ago, in a civilization much different from mine.   I’m thankful for … Continue reading

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Ezzo Week 2011

Tulipgirl is once again spearheading EzzoWeek, to coincide with the Growing Families International (Gary Ezzo’s for-profit company) annual conference. Tulipgirl is an articulate and abundantly charitable critic of the Ezzos, who was once on board with the Ezzos’ methods and … Continue reading

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Captain Vacation is here to save the day!

Mild-mannered husband and father Scott has revealed his true identity, Captain Vacation! Captain Vacation is putting the final touches on the VacationMobile and then we’re off to parts unknown. Last night our youngest played his first gig as a front … Continue reading

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