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As Usual…A Day Late and A Dollar Short

While everyone in the world read the new Potter book, we just finished re-reading the 6th Harry Potter so as to have its plot freshly in mind; now on to the 7th! I’m reading out loud to Scott. D17 had … Continue reading

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My Baby is 17

This past week, our youngest son, my baby, turned 17. He’s an amazing kid. Cheerful, responsible, athletic, funny, friendly, musical, hard-working, unselfish, easy-going, respectful, and honorable. These are just some of the fine qualities of our youngest. But how can … Continue reading

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Ezzo Week 2007 – revised

Tulipgirl is observing Ezzo Week 2007 over at her blog. I first encountered the Ezzos’ teachings when I heard their weekly radio program years ago. The radio station billed it as a program where husband and wife Gary and Anne … Continue reading

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July–Cool and Dry

So this evening, Scott and I are sitting out on the back porch–the “courtyard” as dubbed by my friend Ginger when we first bought this house–using our laptops.  I’m happy Ginger used that word, as it showed me possibilities for … Continue reading

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Hard to See Him Leave

J23 is slowly, ever so slowly, packing up to leave. It’s been a wonderful visit. He seems to be having a hard time bringing it to an end: lingering over lunch, interrupting his packing process to show us a funny … Continue reading

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On the Dinner Party

One of my favorite books is The Supper of the Lamb by Robert Farrar Capon, who is an enthusiastic amateur cook and Episcopal priest and father of 6. The back cover describes the book as a “superb cookbook and a … Continue reading

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Happy 5th of July

J23 hosted a very educational cocktail party and dinner here at our house for his friends and ours…just 8 people were here — the perfect number for a dinner “Session” as Robert Capon calls it in The Supper of the … Continue reading

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Happy 4th of July

We thought that, having missed the festivities on Sunday, we were out of luck for holiday celebrating, but friends called today and invited us to join their poolside potluck dinner.  These are CCC friends/family friends.  Their warm hospitality was — … Continue reading

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