As Usual…A Day Late and A Dollar Short

While everyone in the world read the new Potter book, we just finished re-reading the 6th Harry Potter so as to have its plot freshly in mind; now on to the 7th! I’m reading out loud to Scott.

D17 had no patience for our plan.  We got the book on the 21st at a Books A Million in Chattanooga on our way home from the Braves baseball game  (the photo below was snapped at Turner Field).  He finished it in the wee hours of Monday morning and is under strict orders not to tell us anything about it…so of course he loves to pretend to be on the verge of letting something slip.

About katiekind

Enjoying the second half of life. I have three sons who are the apples of my eye and a wonderful husband of 35 years--those are the important things. Long ago, out of the blue, I became a Christian. It was something I never planned on, but what joy it has been. I do website development and I like to read and garden and paint and I love beauty and truth.
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5 Responses to As Usual…A Day Late and A Dollar Short

  1. jenn says:

    Don’t worry, you’re not the only one behind in the whole HP thing. I put off reading the first one, wanting to hear more about it and not offend friends who were already concerned about my love for TLOTR. (!!!) When I realized that I would probably really like HP, I made a choice to wait to begin them until I could enjoy them without neglecting my kids in the process. (I have a really hard time putting down a well-written book and I don’t read well at night because I fall asleep so easily these days.) So I am one of the few who is yet to read a single page, and believe it or not, I haven’t stumbled across the ending yet!

  2. katiekind says:

    Oh, goodness! Ok, you win in the “late to the party” department! ;-)

    I put off reading the first one, wanting to hear more about it and not offend friends

    Yes, and I had my doubts about it at first, and so we were not on board with the Harry Potter thing until a few books had been published.

  3. imagineannie says:

    I don’t even have it yet; I kept thinking I’d re-read the first six and then be ready to dive into the new one, but I just keep reading cookbooks instead….

  4. katiekind says:

    LOL!!! That’s awesome, though!!!

  5. TulipGirl says:

    We just finished reading #7 last night. I read it aloud to Hubby and the boys. Oh. my. *deep sigh* Very good.

    (And we were hesitant about HP, too. Then several people we really like and respect sold us on how good they were–and we’ve loved them since!)

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