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Summer Grilling — Bruschetta Chicken

Suddenly I’m in the mood for grilling.  Last night dinner was Grilled Basil Swordfish with Corn on the Cob.  Tonight dinner was Grilled Bruschetta Chicken and Skewered Grilled Zucchini and Onions.  (Looks more official with capitals, I think.) The chicken … Continue reading

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Hold On to Your Kids

I wanted to share this wonderful podcast episode with you all.  Dr. Neufeld (father of 5, grandfather of 3) discusses the importance of parents in the lives of their older kids. The subtitle of his book is “why parents need … Continue reading

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Japanese Beetles Pay Homage to Lady Rose

Here’s a bizarre illustration….in which it is the rose who seems to be in charge–note the sceptre of her authority. Not so in my garden.  The beetles are not loyal subjects of the Rose.  However, the end of beetle season … Continue reading

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Banjo fans — check out Noam Pikelny in this video

Here’s a great feature about Noam Pikelny…Punch Brothers’ ridiculously talented banjo player.   In live shows, he’s got a very droll sense of humor.  It’s neat to see him get some recognition!

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Surprised by Hope

I’m almost finished, and I have enjoyed it.  Oxford scholar and Bishop of Durham for the Church of England, Wright writes pretty much as he speaks–or vice versa–clearly, beautifully and wittily.  He’s more articulate than four normal people put together.  … Continue reading

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A conversation on aging

It has been awhile since Scott and I stayed after church to chat with people so today we made a point of doing so.  One of my favorite ladies down there at Grace is Mary, who is 74 years old.  … Continue reading

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Mid-summer roses

Hot muggy weather is back after an amazing respite of cooler temperatures.  During the nice weather I was busy with other things, and now I’m home looking out at a yard that really needs some attention if it’s going to … Continue reading

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