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Gallery 109 opening

If you’re in my town you need to go visit our friend Jennifer’s new venture over on 3rd Street just off the court square and if you’re not in our town, you can check it out on the web:  Gallery … Continue reading

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Blackberries, Dumplings & Ice Cream

This is one of my favorite desserts: For the blackberries: Mix in a heavy pan or dutch oven and bring to boil: 1 12 oz bag of frozen blackberries 1/2 cup sugar sprinkling of salt to taste orange or lemon … Continue reading

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Pink and Yellow, Pink and Yellow…

One of my favorite color combinations for bouquets.   The yellow is all Molineux.  The pinks are. from left, face-downward Abraham Darby, pale pink Souvenir de la Malmaison, a spray of Ballerina (the little “wild rose”-looking thing) and the rest are … Continue reading

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Passing manners on to a new generation

My friend Darlene has so much style – a style that is uniquely hers.    One thing she cares about deeply is mothers and children, and as she gets older she has found ways to continue to be involved and supportive.  … Continue reading

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September Saturday

We took Amber–our standard poodle–to the “Doggie Day Spa” at MSU where the pre-vet students were bathing and toenail trimming dogs for $10.  Amber wasn’t too happy to be led off to the baths by the students. Then we drove … Continue reading

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September flowers

The moral of the story is:  feed and water your roses.  This summer I stepped up the feeding and watering and the roses have repaid me by blooming more!  Who’da thunk it. Heritage wins the Most Beautiful Delicate Shell Pink … Continue reading

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The Accidental Anglican – Christianity Today Article

I have no idea who the interviewee in the article is (a man by the name of Todd Hunter) but I certainly like the positive press for Anglican spirituality and practice.  The Accidental Anglican

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A Word about Bible Reading

I’ve been doing  a lot of thinking about Bible reading lately.   Sometimes a person whose spiritual tank is on empty will articulate the sentiment that to combat this she plans to embark on a program of reading the Bible straight … Continue reading

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