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How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Some people take the “practice, practice, practice” route and others find it simplest to hop on a plane, a shuttle, a train and a taxi.  That’s what we’re going to do.   Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, we will … Continue reading

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Seeing the world differently

My friend Darlene has been writing on her blog about reading two books, The Irresistable Revolution and Jesus for President.  She mentions how challenging and intimidating the vision set forth in those books is.  Well, she’s a braver soul than … Continue reading

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A sermon about pain and suffering

My blog friend Adam McHugh posted links to a couple of his sermons, and having never heard him preach, I gave one a listen. Whoa. Turns out my blog friend Adam McHugh is QUITE the preacher. Here is a sermon … Continue reading

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If you like math…

Here’s a video that’ll convince you to pursue your education at Murray State University!  Synopsis from the creators: “A Murray State math professor leads a small band of rebel students against an evil computer network bent on ruling higher education.” … Continue reading

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Mandolin Music from Butch Baldassari

Here is a lovely bit of mandolin music from the highly esteemed Butch Baldassari, who has been battling a brain tumor for some time now.  Listen to the warm, relaxed, nothing-to-prove sound of this beautiful Irish-y piece and pray for … Continue reading

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Whole Foods visit

We dropped Youngest off at the airport yesterday morning so he could hook up with his oldest brother for a couple of days.   With nine years difference in age and Oldest’s insane work schedule, they haven’t spent a lot … Continue reading

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30th Anniversary

Another reason that I love fall is that it is chock full of meaningful and fun occasions. My 50th birthday was last week and our wedding anniversary falls the week after (30 years ago the reason we set the wedding … Continue reading

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Man Decorates Basement with $10 Worth of Sharpies

That was the headline, and what I saw in the image accompanying the story was NOTHING like what I imagined! Hat tip to

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Where’s the Challenge in That?

I have a new oven.  You can set the temperature to within 5 degrees, and it stays, continuously, at that temperature, neither shooting up to 600 degrees nor dropping down to 150 degrees.  Also you can set the timer to … Continue reading

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I love this time of year

The weather is so great here…I need to get off the ‘puter and go outside. Meanwhile, here’s some greeting cards designed by Sweetb on themes of fall and family.  We listed them on her Etsy site as a 4 pack, … Continue reading

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Crawling out from under my rock

I try to keep unpleasantness like politics out of my life, but occasionally curiosity gets the better of me.  What I’ve found helpful in satisfying my curiosity about the current situation is which I can recommend if you want … Continue reading

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