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Top o’ the Morning to Ya!

We’ve added new cards at We’re adding them in packs of 4 or 8 with different designs included in the packs. While I upload and crop pictures for display in the Etsy shop, Barb (“sweetb”) regales me with stories … Continue reading

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Punch Brothers

Punch Brothers has a new album coming out next week. Not the easiest-to-listen-to material in the world but challenging, interesting and beautiful in many places. As mentioned earlier, I’ve been working on their website this week, picking up where the … Continue reading

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And there was much rejoicing!

I want to respect their privacy and time with their new children, but I’m so thrilled that our friends were able to bring home their adopted son and daughter–after many adventures, ups and downs and cliff-hangers, and much prayer. If … Continue reading

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I got a fun new client today!  And it’s just the kind of work I like, too.

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It’s Not About Being Perfect

Here’s a little story homeschooling speaker Norm Wakefield passed along a few months back. Tim Russert, moderator and managing editor of Meet the Press, included a powerful story contributed by Merabeth Lurie in his book, Wisdom of our Fathers. Her … Continue reading

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Move over Mister Rogers!

This link was on my sister’s twitter.  I love it when political humor is not mean-spirited. My mother’s going to call me and say, “I don’t get it.” Refresh the page a few times, Mom. ;-)

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More Sweet B

The Etsy shop got more cards listed.  Barb came over early this morning…well before 8 AM. Do you know she was lucky to find me dressed and outside half a cup of coffee by that time? But it was fun … Continue reading

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