Garden 08

April 21 — All the roses are budded out! Barb gave me a gnome!

April 26:
There’s a big lull in the garden action after the daffodils and before the roses. I had not noticed this May Night Salvia has jumped the gun and begun to bloom. May Night Salvia is a great little perennial. It makes attractive stands that don’t flop over. It blooms for a long time and will rebloom if you cut it back when the blooms are spent, and comes back dependably every year.

Here’s Molineux all budded out. Or it might be Heritage–can’t tell from this photo!

May 9

The Pat Austin on the South side of the yard is coming into her own this year! Today I snapped that photo to the left.

May 13

This has been a wonderful week for roses. Check out Tuscan Sun and Golden Celebration. The mock orange bush is in bloom behind them. And a yellow dog peeking through the yellow roses.

Here’s Molineux again, now in bloom.

Part of the Austin bed. From L-R, rose geeks, we have The Squire, Pat Austin, Winchester Cathedral, Molineux and Gertrude Jekyll.

Here’s the hybrid tea bed in the front yard. Dominating the bed is big bushy Brigadoon. Just coming into bloom behind her is Valencia, you can see some warm golden blooms — that’s Valencia.

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