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Ezzo Week 2011

Tulipgirl is once again spearheading EzzoWeek, to coincide with the Growing Families International (Gary Ezzo’s for-profit company) annual conference. Tulipgirl is an articulate and abundantly charitable critic of the Ezzos, who was once on board with the Ezzos’ methods and … Continue reading

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When Parenting Kills – Update: Plea Bargain

14 months ago, I wrote about the tragic story of the Schatz family. Their adopted child died from internal injuries and cardiac arrest after prolonged whipping with plumbing supply line.  Her older adopted sister had been similarly “disciplined” and suffered … Continue reading

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“Because when the kids are grown and gone…”

So much “oh my gosh you HAVE to have a weekly date night” advice is given to young couples on the basis of: “You don’t want to wake up as strangers when the kids are gone.” My nest officially emptied … Continue reading

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Grace-ful Parenting of Toddlers

I wrote this to a blog friend awhile back and she reposted it on her blog recently, saying the thoughts it contained were useful.  Maybe it will help others, too. I agree with the commenters above although I think the … Continue reading

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When Parenting Kills – What Can We Do?

A child has been killed, and her older sister hospitalized as a result of their adoptive parents’ application of disciplinary techniques they evidently felt were called for.  Presumably the parents believed that they had not “crossed the line”  since this … Continue reading

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‘Metochoi’ is gone.

I met ‘Metochoi’ on a message board about the controversial Ezzo parenting curriculum. He was a pastor of a little church in Nowhere, Texas whose church had been torn up by adherents to the curriculum.   He was mad.  A … Continue reading

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Passing manners on to a new generation

My friend Darlene has so much style – a style that is uniquely hers.    One thing she cares about deeply is mothers and children, and as she gets older she has found ways to continue to be involved and supportive.  … Continue reading

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