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Touring the Great Ballfields of Western Kentucky

That’s what I’ve been doing lately.  After work we head out to wherever the next baseball game is.  The back of Scott’s car is full of all we need to enjoy the evening– wool blankets, scarves, coats, hats, mittens.  Starting … Continue reading

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Frozen rosen

Garden-blogging came to a screeching halt due to the gardener’s freefall into the depths of depression over a hard, long freeze we had for a week around Easter. I ran around and covered most of the roses with all the … Continue reading

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Nickel Creek Takes a Last Lap

Heads up–if you didn’t know it, Nickel Creek is taking a last lap before going on hiatus as the band members take up new projects and challenges. The first part of the tour schedule is up and posted here. If … Continue reading

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We followed the baseball team to Bowling Green and spent Monday and Tuesday watching baseball. The coach told D16 he would be pitching 4 innings on Tuesday, so he was really excited. The weather was fabulous, especially the second day–so … Continue reading

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And On the Third Day, He Rose from the Dead

Happy Easter! It is a great day to celebrate. Here’s a wonderful anthemic hymn. Below the lyrics you can click a link to hear the first verse. 1. Christ the Lord is risen today, alleluia, Sons of men and angels … Continue reading

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Another reason I don’t talk politics

From the Washington Post article: “Disagree about Iraq? You’re not Just Wrong–You’re Evil”. A wide body of psychological research shows that on any number of hot-button issues, people seem hard-wired to believe the worst about those who disagree with them…. … Continue reading

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Pitch Your Way out of the Minors, Kid

That’s the message big brother relayed to D16 a couple weeks ago when he heard how disappointed D16 was over making the JV team instead of the varsity team. So, D16 has had two really good pitching starts since then, … Continue reading

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