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Last Night at the Ryman

It was quite a night. Here’s a review And that reviewer’s photos I didn’t have the foresight to have put fresh batteries in my camera. I put old ones in, instead. And throughout much of the concert they were semi-enforcing … Continue reading

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12 Potluck Sandwiches

What kind of sandwiches would you make when asked to bring sandwiches to a potluck? How about when you’re on a tight budget? The orchestra and choir need to eat between the rehearsal and the performance on Saturday, and I’m … Continue reading

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Walking Daddy Blues

You may have seen this daddy’s Pachelbel Bedtime Canon video making the rounds on the internet. He’s back with a Walking Daddy Blues. Hat tip to Mama Grizzly:

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Happy Thanksgiving

We had a lovely time. We watched home videos late at night, laughing our heads off with Middle Son, Young Son and Young Son’s girlfriend. We had the traditional meal around the table, and it was all it could be. … Continue reading

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Middle Son Arrives Tonight!

Yay! I am so happy he can come home for Thanksgiving. I am disciplining myself to read 10 pages of The New Testament and the People of God by N.T. Wright every night. After laying 120 dense pages of groundwork, … Continue reading

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So You Want to Sing The Messiah!

Here are a couple of neat resources if you don’t have a piano. Hear your part played on a “piano” at a nice easy pace. Hear your part sung by synthesizer (or, possibly, chipmunks) In some cases the tempo seems … Continue reading

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What Have I Been Doing this Week?

Finishing up a website for a band out in California. Cooking: Garlic Basil Thai Chicken, Danish Potato Soup, Turkey Chili, Steak and Squash Fries, Roast Chicken and potatoes. Rehearsing and woodshedding the Messiah choruses Reading The New Testament and the … Continue reading

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