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Move over Susan Boyle

My mother  performed this Chopin Impromptu for a fundraising concert a few weeks ago.   It’s wonderful: both lyrically lovely and gutsy at the same time! This is fun to have her on Youtube!  Thanks to my brother and his wife … Continue reading

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Lots of everything all at once.

Finishing up one site and starting another, plus my client Sara Watkins just released an album so there’s extra updating and liaising with her manager on that site.  Normally I like a little time between projects but it just happened … Continue reading

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A Mother of 5 Re-examines Christian Parenting

Stephanie, a wise mother of 7, wrote the following to encourage a mother of 5 who feels that using Gary Ezzo’s Growing Kids God’s Way and Michael Pearl’s To Train up a Child materials damaged her older children and who … Continue reading

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Easter feasting

I’ve looked forward to cooking this meal for a long time.  Here’s what we had for Easter dinner with 4 of us present. Roast lamb (marinated ahead of time in fresh lemon juice, olive oil, fresh cut rosemary and oregano … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

To those who celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, happy Easter!  Enjoy! We had so been looking forward to attending our church’s Saturday night service called the Great Vigil of Easter.  We went last year and it was marvelous. Due to … Continue reading

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After hitting the walk-off double…

which advanced your team to the district “All A” (i.e. small schools)  championship and being  swarmed on by your teammates like it was the World Series, you then are mobbed by the press! Well, maybe not mobbed, exactly, but…. And … Continue reading

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Robert Burns set to music

Of course, Chris isn’t the only one to set Flow Gently, Sweet Afton to music, but I think it’s a beautiful version.

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