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Thai Green Curry

It’s Graduate’s Choice tonight so I’m revisiting this recipe in case I need to make it tonight. It’s one of his favorites. Green Thai Curry 1 can coconut milk, divided 1 t green Thai curry paste (to taste–a heaping teaspoon … Continue reading

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Graduation Present

Senior days continue. Remember how D18 was inducted into the National Honor Society? Well, nothing says, “hey! We’re really proud of you!” like a little red sports car! Congratulations, D18! We ARE really proud of you!

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Two more post-season games, at least!

Last night’s district tournament game, played to a packed and over-flowing house on a perfect night, could have been the last high school ballgame ever for D18, who is probably not going to be playing college ball.  But the team … Continue reading

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Praying for Everyone and Everything

Sometimes someone will ask me to pray for their sick Aunt Mildred, and I’ll be praying for that sick aunt, and suddenly  wonder why I should stop at Aunt Mildred.  So I’ll pray for all the sick people in the … Continue reading

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Senior Time

It’s hard to maintain a good case of Denial when I keep having to go down to the high school for functions honoring the high school seniors and functions at the ball field honoring the seniors. Signing the roll for … Continue reading

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Prom Pic from the TV

This picture was shown on the public access channel that displays stuff from our high school’s events, and since it was better than the photo we snapped during the Grand March, I grabbed my camera and took a picture of … Continue reading

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My mother’s day was really nice….

We had a really lovely day.  We went to church in the morning which is something we hadn’t been able to do the past couple of weekends due to travel schedules with baseball tournaments.  It was wonderful.  We drive half … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Flowers

Here’s to all the wonderful, hard-working, creative, self-giving, persevering, generous, loving mothers that I know, including my own. Happy Mother’s Day! Heritage Pat Austin and The Squire Pat Austin Molineux (yellow) and Winchester Cathedral (white) Abraham Darby Climbing Eden amid … Continue reading

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Prayer for the Week

Almighty God, whom truly to know is everlasting life: Grant us so perfectly to know your Son Jesus Christ to be the way, the truth, and the life, that we may steadfastly follow his steps in the way that leads … Continue reading

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May 9 in the Garden

It has rained so much that there is water standing in my backyard as well as the front.  Many of the roses are just plain soggy.  Some of the varieties I grow have petals that can’t stand up to all … Continue reading

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April flowers bring May showers

Distant Drums’ first bloom Pat Austin’s amazing color is especially rich in spring. Francis Dubrueil – huge fragrance The Herbalist gets an early start! After all these flowers…and more!  We have had tons and tons of rain.   The yard’s a … Continue reading

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I’m agnostic…on evolution

As a Christian, I believe God created.  In fact even when I go through periods when my faith is at a low ebb, that remains a fixed point.  But I am agnostic on HOW He created: considering Who we’re talking … Continue reading

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Prayer of the Week

Following Scot McKnight’s practice, I think I will start posting a prayer of the week.  These prayers come from the Book of Common Prayer in the Anglican tradition (and maybe other traditions as well) and are offered near the beginning … Continue reading

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Family, work, baseball, prom….

The “lots of everything all at once” theme has continued on but next week things may let up a bit.  We had #1 son out here for a visit for a couple days which made for an enjoyable time and … Continue reading

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