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Being on a team

D18 saved the team shirt from every rec league team he ever played on.  It makes a stack about 16 inches high.  We sure had fun.

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Are Wii Having Fun Yet?

Yes we are! After much thought, I finally decided what to do with the generous Christmas check from my mom.  I bought a Wii and a Wii Fit because my doctor says I need to get more exercise.  You young’uns … Continue reading

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Audio Wodehouse

One of the dogs, a poodle of military aspect, wandered up to Sally: and discovering that she was in possession of a box of sweets, decided to remain and await developments. — P. G. Wodehouse, The Adventures of Sally Since … Continue reading

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Pollyanna Goes to the Movies

“Horrifying, humorous and life-affirming, it is, above all, unforgettable” — USA Today I had heard about Slumdog Millionaire, except I had heard “humorous and life-affirming…unforgettable”.  And so when a plan was floated for a group of my friends to go … Continue reading

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Pruned my sidebar links…

I pruned out some links on my sidebar and if you were pruned it wasn’t because I don’t love you, but because your blog hasn’t been active in a long time.  If you were on my sidebar, and have gone … Continue reading

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Mozart, Stringband in a Nightclub Style

This performance goes far beyond “stringband pulls off novelty.”   This is amazing and lovely.

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