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Perfect Saturdays

I like days like today a lot. We went out to Mayfield to watch baseball. D16 pitched a good game but the team did lose unfortunately. However, he pitched well and was encouraged. All the way over and all the … Continue reading

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I want to remember this

Last night, we sat out on the back porch and watched D16 hit wiffle balls off his new tee. The evening was perfect and lovely, balmy. After awhile D16 went inside, and we sat on, talking. We heard a goose … Continue reading

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The Un-frantic Life

From Dick Staub’s little piece on C. S. Lewis and the Un-frantic Life: [an expert on C. S. Lewis] said: Lewis style of spirituality was a rhythm of worship, work, reading, and leisure. This is an unfrantic response to God … Continue reading

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Celebrating the start of baseball season

I hope this is not blasphemous, but I made challah yesterday. I explained to D16 that it is a bread traditionally served for the Jewish sabbath meal and at other celebratory occasions. He said, so is that blasphemous for a … Continue reading

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Garden Notebook: March 26

I started a batch of alfalfa tea a couple days ago, using leftover alfalfa. It was nice and foamy and yucky today so I added some epsom salts and ironite and threw in a little powdered miracle grow and put … Continue reading

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Time for New Ride – Part 2

The used car dealer reluctantly refunded Scott the money for the car with the messed up odometer. As I wrote earlier, Scott had purchased this used car on a Friday. By later that afternoon, it had 9,000 fewer miles on … Continue reading

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Garden Notebook: March 23

Scott did a herculean job in the yard yesterday. He raked out beds. He cut down 2 (two) trees, with D16 providing assistance with ropes to make sure the tree sections fell the right direction, then stacked the wood and … Continue reading

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