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Ezzo Week 2011

Tulipgirl is once again spearheading EzzoWeek, to coincide with the Growing Families International (Gary Ezzo’s for-profit company) annual conference. Tulipgirl is an articulate and abundantly charitable critic of the Ezzos, who was once on board with the Ezzos’ methods and … Continue reading

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“Because when the kids are grown and gone…”

So much “oh my gosh you HAVE to have a weekly date night” advice is given to young couples on the basis of: “You don’t want to wake up as strangers when the kids are gone.” My nest officially emptied … Continue reading

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Against Patient-Centered Pediatrics (a Babywise parody)

Thanks to a friend for pointing out the new manual, On Becoming Elderwise, from my favorite “renowned expert in everything,” Gary Ezzo.  Actually Ezzo hasn’t written anything on that age group yet, but Dr. Momma has a little parody for … Continue reading

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Grace-ful Parenting of Toddlers

I wrote this to a blog friend awhile back and she reposted it on her blog recently, saying the thoughts it contained were useful.  Maybe it will help others, too. I agree with the commenters above although I think the … Continue reading

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Michael Pearl Responds

I have posted about the beating death of the little Liberian girl Lydia Schatz at the hands of her adoptive parents, and the beating-unto-intensive care of her Liberian older sister Zariah.  [Chico Enterprise-Record Feb 10: Paradise Parents Face Murder, Torture … Continue reading

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More Christians Speaking out against the Pearls’ Teachings

2/26  Update on the Schatz case: Salon Magazine’s article “Godly Discipline Turned Deadly” portrayed the Christian response to Lydia Schatz’s death at the hands of her parents as “whispered fury.”   There’s actually been plenty of that prior to this … Continue reading

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When Parenting Kills – A Challenge to Men

Paul (who was quoted in the Salon article about Christians beginning to speak out against the Pearls’ extreme and wrong-headed disciplinary recommendations in the wake of the tragic death of Lydia Schatz) throws down a challenge to men and fathers … Continue reading

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