Anglican Blogs

I found a list of Anglican blogs on the internet, but many were dead links or abandoned blogs, so I started culling those out — and collecting new ones.

Nobody could be more surprised than me to find that we would be attending an Episcopal church in 2007. [Link: Official Episcopal Church Website] Reading their blogs is one of the ways I can become more familiar with this wide-ranging and hitherto unknown tribe.

(ETA: 2012–continuing to collect and cull.  Feel free to add your blog link to the comments.)

A Day in the Life of an Artist

A New Anglican’s Journey

A Tribe Called Anglican

A Wandering Pilgrim

All Saints’ Writers’ Block

Anglizen Koans

Another Anglican Blog


Becca and Bella

Big Dunk

Blogging with Beddingfield – John Beddingfield

Captain Sacrament

Carioca Confessions

Caught by the Light

Chrisendom – Chris Tilling

The Confessing Tiger – The Rev. David Dubay

Continuing Home

The Country Parson


Creedal Christian

Diary of an Arts Pastor

Dominus Illuminatio Mea

Douglas Knight: Resources for Christian Theology


Everyday Life as Lyric Poetry

Father Matthew Presents

Fr. Tony Clavier

Gloriana’s Anchorhold

Good News in the Wilderness

Gospel Side

Hairy Eyeball


Hands in the Dirt

Hoosier Musings in Big Sky Country



Interrupting the Silence

John One Five

Just Sally

Leorningcnihtes boc

Lively Dust (Lavonne Neff)

Loose Canon

The Lovely Wife

Matthew Griffin’s Reading Journal

Monastery of the Remarkable English Martyrs

Musings of a Hard-Lining Moderate

Notes from a Small Curate – John Davies

Northwest Anglican


Not by Bread Alone: Theology and Food

Olde Time Anglican

One Wild and Precious Life

Peterite – St Peter’s London Docks

Practicing Intentional Gratitude





Reverend Ref

Right for Christ

Rude Armchair Theology

The Sadds’ Virtual Home

Shawn Branch

So Indie It’s Embarrassing

Stand Firm: Traditional Anglicanism in America

Terrapin Station: Mary Beth Butler

Theophiliacs  Ex-Pentecostal Anglican Pipe Smokers….

Thinking Anglicans – Kelvin’s Blog

Timotheos Prologizes


To All the World

Topmost Apple

Transfigurations: Pat Dague

Turtle on Wheels

Undercurrent of Hostility

What the Tide Brings In


44 Responses to Anglican Blogs

  1. maggi dawn says:

    thank you! a number of these were unknown to me too, very useful to see.

  2. Kyle says:

    Welcome to the jungle. :0)

  3. Anna says:

    I second Kyle :-P

  4. indie says:

    We too jumped into the “jungle” recently and have surprised everyone, ourselves included, by becoming Episcopalians. And I’m a fellow Ezzo disliker. Thanks for the link.

  5. katiekind says:

    >surprised everyone, ourselves included, by becoming Episcopalians.

    Wow–so you know the feeling, eh?

  6. Dulce Domum says:

    He, he, he! I didn’t know there were so many Anglican bloggers out there. I thought I was the only one!

  7. katiekind says:

    Thanks, I’ll check ’em out.

  8. SaintSimon says:

    Wow – Sam listed me as a ‘good one’ – obviously easily pleased!

    Unfortunately my log-in seems to have gone wrong so I can’t update it any more.

  9. SaintSimon says:

    (that’s Normallifeadventure on Sam’s list)

  10. FrDavid says:

  11. Amy says:

    I am so glad for this list. Lots to keep me busy here a while. Dare I add my own?

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Kathy,

    I know you are going to an actual Episcopal church… we are going to be visiting an Anglican Mission in America church… are any of the bloggers you listed AMiA?

    Thanks! :)

    • alice says:

      Elizabeth, if you don’t mind me asking, where are you located that you have found an AMIA church? We audio record their annual conference and would love to find a parish we could visit.

  13. katiekind says:

    Hi there, you!

    I don’t know—nothing springs to my mind at this moment but I wouldn’t be surprised if some are. The list of blogs is a little overwhelming — I can’t keep everyone straight in my mind or even know what branch of Anglicanism they’re in.

    I hope you will enjoy your visit! I would love to get your impressions. When we were looking around, AMiA was not an option in our area, and anyway it became a moot point when we fell in love with our church.

  14. darlene says:

    So, Kathy, what exactly distinguishes your church (that you have fallen in love with) from other Episcopal churches? How would you describe it? From my studies, I’ve learned that there are many different kinds of Episcopal churches… i.e. progressive, charismatic, evangelical, ones who use the 1928 Book Common of Prayer and those who use the 1978 Book of Common Prayer, etc.

  15. katiekind says:

    My Episcopal Church is pretty standard-issue Episcopal, I think. It uses the modern prayerbook most of the time, except during Lent. In the range of worship styles I am not experienced enough to know for sure but I think it is between “broad” and “high”. is the website for my church.


  16. Godhod says:

    Hi from the Anglican Church of Australia! My blog tends to be anonymous autobiography but the Anglican Church is a pretty big part of my life so I’m happy to come out of the religious closet, so to speak. Thanks for providing this list (you’re #1 on Google – good stuff!)

  17. Thanks for the great list of blogs. Would it be possible to include my blog on your list as well? “Reflections of a Canadian Churchman” My sermons blog and book review blog can be found by following links from that page as well.
    Fr. Dan Graves

  18. Fr. Tony Hutchinson says:

    Two more–

    Fr. Paul Lillie’s “Sacrific and Thanksgiving”

    My own “An Elliptical Glory”

  19. Pixie says:

    You might check out for the famous Anglican theologian Paul Zahl’s sons…. amazing.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    There is an AMIA church in Raleigh, NC— Church of the Apostles. They do have their sermons online.

    We ended up becoming part of a local Presbyterian Church in America church- it is closer to us so that was a factor. :)

  21. Diego says:

    It’d would be great if you could list mine too.
    However, WELL DONE! Very useful!

  22. Figure I’ll add mine to the list:

    Musings of a Hard-Lining Moderate
    The assorted thoughts of an evangelical Anglican

  23. Thanks for linking to me. I, too, frequent the Theophiliacs blog.

    And I, too, was surprised to find myself attending an Episcopal Church. I’m still somewhat surprised :)

  24. Hello, I recently discovered this website and am very grateful for it. Please consider adding my own Anglican blog to it. It it mainly where I publish sermons from our little church in Bellville, TX.

    Your exposure would be appreciated.

    In Christ,

    Fr. Stephen Stults

  25. Tony Hunt says:

    Cheers! (and hi Joey – small world)

  26. Roland says:

    Thanks for compiling this list of Christian blogs/websites. Another good resource for North American Anglicans/Episcopalians is the directory of Parishes. God bless you and your ministry.

  27. Hi I’m just adding my own little Anglican blog to this big list …. check it out :)

  28. Dan Kinkead says:

    Don’t forget the recent entry into the Anglican blog-a-sphere called, “I seem to have misplaced my Tambourine!” It can be found at

  29. If I might offer yet two more? – my own musings – blog staffed by several of us in the (ACNA) Diocese of New England

  30. Looks like this list is still going strong, so if I may be so bold, my own blog can be found at:

    I’m a socially moderate Anglo-Catholic myself, my blog tends to lean towards the esoteric and spiritual aspects of faith and motives rather than the concrete matters of church politics or ministry in action. It is a kind of public journal of my quest to find my own theology.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the great list. This has been a blessing for me. I myself have just started a blog, primarily as a tool for spiritual discernment (I hope).
    It can be accessed at:

  32. Rev. Steve Bailey says:

    The Diocese of New Westminister has had an official blogsite since 2010. It is currently featuring a series on Anglican poet and priest, George Herbert and presents a reading guide to The Temple.

    New Westminster Anglican Blog can be accessed at

  33. Jon Parks says:

    Hello there! I’m glad to have found your blog. Like you, I have made a transition from an evangelical church setting to an Anglican one. I will definitely include “Quiet Garden” in my list of regularly-visited blogs.

  34. mattarino says:

    Here is another:


    Matt Marino

  35. katiekind says:

    You bet! I’ve actually had you on the list for awhile! Thank you!

  36. mattarino says:

    Sorry Katie, I missed it. Must have not been expecting it under “G”. :-)

    Thanks for the link!

  37. The Magna Carta has Arminianism written all over it. As it should; because God is liberty.

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