Enns helps me out with the slaughter passages in the OT

Just what I was struggling with when I went in to talk to Father Matt last week.  Father Matt’s guidance was more general; Enns offers some specific jumping off points for thinking about those disturbing passages.   http://www.patheos.com/blogs/peterenns/2012/07/john-piper-on-why-its-right-for-god-to-slaughter-women-and-children-anytime-he-pleases-and-why-i-have-some-major-problems-with-that/


And C.S. Lewis was quoted in a comment:

This reminds of an excerpt from on C.S. Lewis’s letters. In a letter replying to John Beversluis on what appears to be some questions about Joshua’s military escapades in Canaan, Lewis paid some kind of qualified respect to the view that God’s commands create moral obligations. But he paid more respect to “the danger of believing in a God whom we cannot but regard as evil, and then, in mere terrified flattery calling Him ‘good’ and worshipping Him, is still a greater danger.” He goes on:

The ultimate question is whether the doctrine of the goodness of God or that of the inerrancy of Scripture is to prevail when they conflict. I think the doctrine of the goodness of God is the more certain of the two. Indeed only that doctrine renders this worship of Him obligatory or even permissible.
To this some will reply ‘Ah, but we are fallen and don’t recognise good when we see it.’ But God Himself does not say we are as fallen as that. He constantly, in scripture, appeals to our conscience: ‘Why don’t you judge for yourselves what is right? [Luke 12:57] — ‘What fault hath my people found in me? [Jer 2:5]. And so on.”

To be sure Lewis warns, “Some things which seem bad to us may be good. But we must not corrupt our consciences by trying to feel a thing as good when it seems totally evil.”*

*All citations from The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis: volume 3, 1436-37.

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