Academic:Real World lag time (in pediatrics & theology)

When I was a LLL leader I learned about the concept that there is generally a 10 year lag time between scientific validation of a concept or best practice and its recognition/acceptance in general practice.  I saw this all the time.  A principle of breastfeeding management could be yawningly well established at the research level but years away from being adopted at the level of what a mother might expect to hear from her pediatrician or the nurse in the pediatrician’s office.

That kind of lag time between the academy and general practice seems to be occurring in academic theological work as well.  Or it may be something worse, as these authors opine–there may be theological bouncers at the door.

Here are two blogs that suggest this:

If They Only Knew What I Thought – Peter Enns, Ph.D. (Harvard, Near Eastern Langauges and Civilizations, currently teaching Old and New Testament at Eastern University)

Lament for a Maternal Home: Is There No Place for Believing Criticism in Evangelicalism – David Lincicim, Lecturer in New Testament Studies at Oxford University



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