This is close to the theology in our church

I love theology in small doses.  I’m not cut out for theological study at a deep level  but I do love it in small doses, and I pay attention to it.  It’s how my brain works.  So when we started attending our Episcopal church I was alert to the theology but I couldn’t figure it out, couldn’t fit it into the categories I was used to.  That bothered me!  The liturgy presents the outline of the biblical story; it offers the Nicene creed, but it doesn’t dwell on a particular theology of atonement or salvation.

I came to the Episcopal church having explored and been attracted to first Calvinistic and then Lutheran ways of connecting the theological and biblical dots.  Those were ports in a storm for me, and I looked for the comforting outlines of monergism, etc in my new environment.  But for the most part it was as if I had come to a place where “all that” was taken for granted and here the categories were different.

Today I came across a blog post that makes sense of the difference–and it is not an Episcopalian blogger; in fact he’s an evangelical.  I have followed his blog for a long time and even corresponded with him once.

On Tweaking the Soterian Gospel
(Soterian, by the way, is a theological term that refers to salvation.)
The Gospel Today

I’m convinced he’s onto it. In these two posts he works out the difference between my former theological dot-connecting, and where I’m at now.  It’s very interesting to see it in black and white.

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