Someone says it out loud

Actually, others have said it out loud before.   But I hope the latest iteration stirs up some thought and conversation.

I’m alluding to the stir raised in advance of the publishing of Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins:  Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived. Apparently it has raised concern among theologically conservative Christian leaders that the author (a somewhat well-known – though mildly controversial –  Christian author/communicator/pastor) has now moved beyond the pale of biblical Christianity and amazingly the topic trended very high on Twitter.

My head’s mostly in the sand.  Someone clued me in about this or I wouldn’t know.   She showed me the following link, which describes the brouhaha, portrays the issue beautifully, and gives one a lot to think about — and then comments on the way we ought to converse about theology.  Great article.

Sojourners Culture Watch: Farewell Rob Bell, or John Piper’s Inferno

And so I share it with you, my non-existent readers, in case you are interested in the idea that Christianity might not, after all, demand a belief in a hellish afterlife of torment forever for millions of non-believers.

My personal cards are not on the table.  Oh, ok.  I will share that I don’t have a solid position on this.   I only know what I HOPE, and frankly, I trust God, who is good, with what I don’t know or understand.

The issue currently presents as two titans of the Famous Pastor World at odds.  We always like a face on an issue, and we like it even better if the conservative publicly says something silly, snarky or narrow.

But leaving the personalities aside,  the issue goes deep for many, if not all Christians, as well as many, if not all, ex-Christians and non-Christians, and it is patently discussion-worthy.   Which is why I’m closing the comments on this post — even though I am pretty sure I have no readership.  I’ll be glad to speak to anyone about this in person but in comment threads it’s difficult to have a productive discussion.

The reason I am posting this is that I think the great thing to understand is that there are a variety of views on this.   The question is not always spoken about openly amongst Christians.

So if you have any interest in this topic, I’d love to have you read the Sojourner’s article.

Another article I liked about all this was Greg Boyd’s.

For an opposing view: Justin Taylor, The Gospel Coalition


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