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Something Lighter

Here’s a little humor from a bygone era, Willie Hall and his violin…and bicycle tire pump.

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A Succinct Review of To Train Up a Child by Michael & Debi Pearl

Because I can’t get past page 2 of To Train Up a Child without being incredibly disturbed by the premises and recommendations combined with the author’s tone, I’ll leave it to Glenn Chatfield to provide my readers with a critique … Continue reading

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When Parenting Kills: A Teachable Moment

Barbara Curtis, at the widely read blog Mommy Life, hits it out of the park with this post:  Growing Outrage At Michael Pearl and His Response to a Child’s Death Michael Pearl expresses no remorse for teaching his followers to … Continue reading

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Michael Pearl Responds

I have posted about the beating death of the little Liberian girl Lydia Schatz at the hands of her adoptive parents, and the beating-unto-intensive care of her Liberian older sister Zariah.  [Chico Enterprise-Record Feb 10: Paradise Parents Face Murder, Torture … Continue reading

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