More Christians Speaking out against the Pearls’ Teachings

2/26  Update on the Schatz case:

Salon Magazine’s article “Godly Discipline Turned Deadly” portrayed the Christian response to Lydia Schatz’s death at the hands of her parents as “whispered fury.”   There’s actually been plenty of that prior to this tragedy, but on any issue, it often takes a terrible tragedy to illustrate the linkage and push people to raise their voices and speak to the community at large.

Christian and homeschooling leaders need to use this moment to condemn the discipline recommendations of Michael and Debi Pearl and make it clear that the Pearls do not have the cover and blessing of organizations other than their own.

when the tide recedes and all that garbage is metaphorically lying on the beach for all to see, which side of this issue will you be on?  –  Update on Lydia Schatz and Why This is Not About Spanking

I haven’t been too good about listing articles that others have written on this issue, so here’s a start at it:

WORLD Magazine (conservative, evangelical news magazine)  – To Brainwash a Parent

Elizabeth Esther: How many children must die before Mike and Debi Pearl are held accountable?

Home Education Magazine:  Editor Mark Hegener Bring Back the Boycott!

Roscommon Acres blog:  The Pearls, Abuse and a False Gospel

Child’s Death Leads Christians to Speak Out

Sorta Crunchy: When Extremists are Extreme

Just Another Clay Pot: Christian Brainwashing

Water Lilly: Spanking in Anger isn’t the Problem
Water Lilly: Michael Pearl Laughs At Critics
Water Lilly:  Sacred Cows
Water Lilly:  The Instrument Itself Makes it Abusive

Rutledge Family:  Author of Liberian Adoption: Preparing for Your Child’s Homecoming expresses her heartbreak and wishes she knew what to do to ensure this will never happen again.

Spunky Homeschool Blog: “Senseless Deception”

Virginia Knowles, homeschooling parent of 10, conference speaker, distributes a magazine for homeschoolers:  Child Discipline or Child Abuse?  No Greater Tragedy

Alicia Bayer: Michael Pearl Writes that he is Laughing After Child’s Death

Karen Campbell,  homeschooling parent, homeschoolers’ conference speaker, mother and grandmother, distributes a podcast for Christian homeschoolers: Child Abuse in the Name of Jesus (Karen’s blog and podcast often tackle the subjects of patriarchy run amok and spiritual abuse.)  Also: Why Spanking is not the Issue

Tulipgirl: Heartbroken.  Angry.  Again (Out front early on this issue.)
Tulipgirl:   Hold ’em Down, Defeat Totally ( *A must read*)

Karen Ehman, national women’s ministry speaker and author of several books

Wanna Walk Along blog:  A grandmother  tells her readers about the tragedy and denounces the Pearls.

Clara Teaches blog:  Clara’s not pulling her punches

The HomeSpun Life & Homeschooling MinistryFundamental Discipline

Sparrow’s Nest blog – homeschooler who had the Pearls’ books on her shelf because she agreed with some of what was in the book:  I am Burning All Books by the Pearls, and I Encourage You to, too.

Meg Mosely‘s blog – Christian & veteran homeschooler: No Greater Sorrow: the Pearls’ Legacy

Happy as Kings, a homeschooling parent: On the Death of Lydia Schatz

Miazagora’s Homeschool Minutes: Michael and Debi Pearl Books and Child Abuse

Emotional Abuse and Your FaithLydia, The Child the Pearls Laugh At

The Cappacino LifeThe Pearls:  Sadly it Has Come to This

Rebecca’s RamblingsThis Made Me Cry Today

Mama Says7 Quick Takes, Vol. 9

The Watchman’s Bagpipes (Glenn Chatfield):  To Train Up a Child, Follow Up

Theologica: (Rey Reynoso) To Train Up a Child:  An Examination

Honorable mention to Christians who spoke up before this tragedy:

2003:  Christian Research Institute (a conservative evangelical organization):  Christians on the Edge:  The Authoritarianism and Isolationism Amongst Us.

2006:  Ann Voskamp of A Holy Experience, who explains how the Pearl material appealed to her, but how she was unable to walk the balance between showing no mercy (that the material required) and showing mercy (the the material recommended.)  It also talks about the false promise of perfection.

2006: Spunky HomeschoolA Switch or a Cross (A must read critique of the Pearl’s material from a conservative Christian.)

2004: Hermana Lindaa growing compendium of arguments and links addressing the Pearls


Tulipgirl is working on a complete list.

If you have a platform, use it.  And then send her the link, or a summary of the event or the publication details.  You don’t need to be a convinced anti-spanker to speak out on this issue.  The Pearls’ recommendations go far, far, far beyond normal in the spanking department.

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12 Responses to More Christians Speaking out against the Pearls’ Teachings

  1. darlene says:

    I hadn’t heard of this, Kathy. Thanks so much for bringing it to light. What a tragedy. I’m ashamed of my fellow man that people fell for this way of thinking. So much for being “sheep”.

  2. Linda B says:

    The CRI paper is excellent. It deals with isolationism in a Biblical way, and I think it handles homeschooling with a particularly even hand. Thanks for the link.

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  4. Linda V. says:

    Thank you so much for linking to me. I think I started my site right before the board went down, or there abouts so it would be around the beginning of 2005.

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  6. Meg Moseley says:

    Thank you for linking to my blog. I hope the uproar will continue for as long as it takes.

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  11. Linda V. says:

    I think I forgot to tell you that I have a new URL. The old one still works, but I’m no longer updating it. My new URL is http://

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