Road Food – A Resource When Travelling

Just like we try to avoid shopping at Walmart, we also try to avoid chain, fast food and “box” restaurants when travelling.  That can be challenging when travelling by car on the interstate, when the only hint that food is nearby is offramp signboards displaying logos of nearby fast food and chain restaurants.

The authors of the “Road Food” column in Gourmet magazine have a website: which is loaded with tips on great local restaurants.

Roadfood means great regional meals along highways, in small towns and in city neighborhoods.

It is non-franchised, sleeves-up food made by cooks, bakers, pitmasters, and sandwich-makers who are America’s culinary folk artists.

Roadfood is almost always informal and inexpensive; and the best Roadfood restaurants are colorful places enjoyed by locals (and savvy travelers) for their character as well as their menu.

It is our intention that will lead the way to:

  • great local color
  • the best regional specialties
  • unforgettable diners, celestial barbecue, and four-star pig-outs galore! turned us on to a couple of great places near our destination, Moody’s Diner in Waldoboro where we stopped in for pie twice during our stay and once for breakfast, and The Brown Bag in Rockport which had a wonderful healthy breakfast and bakery. If I had a mobile connection to the web, I could have used the site’s search feature to locate local restaurants in just about any town we found ourselves at mealtime along our route.

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4 Responses to Road Food – A Resource When Travelling

  1. darlene says:

    Do they mention Crossroads and the Country Kitchen in Joshua Tree CA? They are our local hangouts with wonderful home cooking.

  2. kara says:

    Jane and Michael Stern are wonderful! Several years ago I had a copy of their “Roadfood” book that I picked up at a Goodwill. Great fun. I hear them sometimes on the NPR podcast The Splendid Table:

    I’ve never visited their website but I will now!

  3. Leah says:

    What a nice resource. Thanks for sharing!

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