Reading & Singing Psalms

I’ve got a bad cough and the glass is definitely half empty.  Just saying it out loud like this makes me feel some better, however.

I bumped into a helpful, straightforward article called How to Read the Psalms in case you’re interested.  It’s interesting that the article mentions the community setting in which the psalms were originally experienced — since they were sung in worship by the Hebrew people. 

One of the things I had the hardest time getting used to in our new church was the weekly experience of singing/chanting a psalm.   As I get over the weirdness of it, it IS starting to become a community experience that I’m really enjoying.  I wonder what other people think about that portion of the liturgy.


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Enjoying the second half of life. I have three sons who are the apples of my eye and a wonderful husband of 35 years--those are the important things. Long ago, out of the blue, I became a Christian. It was something I never planned on, but what joy it has been. I do website development and I like to read and garden and paint and I love beauty and truth.
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3 Responses to Reading & Singing Psalms

  1. Indie says:

    We read the Psalms for a long time and have just recently, a few months ago, started singing. As a lay reader I always felt strange about reading the Psalm. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It just didn’t feel right. I enjoy doing the other readings. It was just the Psalm that bothered me. Once we started singing the Psalms I felt better, like we were really doing it the way it was meant to be done.

  2. katiekind says:

    like we were really doing it the way it was meant to be done.

    Ah—That’s interesting!

  3. Mel says:

    Thanks for your thought & prayers. Just put up a little update actually. :-) I do hear ya on the glass being half-full. I guess we get to be thankful we have a glass?? ;-)

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