Surprised by Hope

I’m almost finished, and I have enjoyed it.  Oxford scholar and Bishop of Durham for the Church of England, Wright writes pretty much as he speaks–or vice versa–clearly, beautifully and wittily.  He’s more articulate than four normal people put together.  He’s good with analogies and apt turns of speech and presents all this with a humble personableness that makes him a real pleasure to read.

I was acquainted with the ideas because I slogged through most of the scholars’ version a couple of years ago and have listened to many of Wright’s lectures.  At first his ideas rocked me back on my heels a bit.

Edited to expand slightly:  Some of them still do.  But I am interested in coming to a deeper understanding.  I think Wright’s doing important work.  As a historian, Wright has some insights into what the Jews and Greeks at the time of Jesus could have been thinking, what worldview categories they were working with that have to be considered if we are to understand their words and what they would have made of the events around Jesus’s life and death and resurrection.  I would expect to have some previously held ideas knocked around a bit.   I look forward to having those things percolate more and to going back to the Bible and try on this lens.

At the same time, there is a precious ingredient that has always meant so much to me which feels “missing”–justification by faith through Jesus’ perfect life and death on the cross–and I don’t know if it’s just been moved to one side because Wright is hard at work on something else and can’t say everything all the time or whether he’s asking different questions of the evidence and therefore getting different answers in a way which obviates the need for that particular question and answer.  I suspect the answer is a mix of both.

Here is an interview with him from a few months back, on the subject of this book.


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  1. Brian says:

    One more to put on my already-too-long reading list….

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