Nursery rhymes

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What nursery rhymes and lullaby traditions are you keeping alive in your family?

One we have passed down in our family was handed down to me by my German grandfather, and I wouldn’t know how to spell out the words, I only know how to say it. It involves a horsie ride that becomes progressively more bouncy.

In the lullaby department, I remember my mother singing Brahms’ Lullaby to me as I fell asleep at night, so that was one I always sang to my children when they were young.

I learned others in the course of time, but those are the ones I remember from my own growing up.

The image with this post is a detail from my friend Barb’s card design. If you want to see the whole card, it’s here.

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8 Responses to Nursery rhymes

  1. kara says:

    Dad said it:
    Reiten mit die Edelleute, trot trot trot” but that makes no sense grammatically, so I think it must really be

    Reizend (or reitend?) sind die Edelleute, trot trot trot
    Reizend sind die Kaufleute, schock schock schock
    Reizend sind die Bauern, boufty boffty boufty boffty boufty boffty!!

    (traveling are the gentlefolk, …
    traveling are the merchant folk, …
    traveling are the farmers…)

    I have never met a German who knows this game, though, and googling is getting me nowhere. I have heard an English version that goes:

    This is the way the lady rides, trot trot trot
    This is the way the gentleman rides, shock shock shock
    This is the way the farmer rides, boufty boffty boufty boffty boufty boffty!!

  2. kara says:

    REISEND! I can’t edit my post but of course I meant reisend! (travelling, not aggravating lol)

  3. kara says:

    But really, it’s more likely to be “reitend” (horsback riding).

  4. katiekind says:

    I vote for the horseback riding version, for sure! Thank you for the translation on Kaufleute….I was stuck on what that would be.

    Did you pass this rhyme down to Henry?

  5. Rebecca says:

    And here I thought that maybe you’d grown up with “Hoppe, hoppe Reiter”! I hope I didn’t mangle the spelling; my German these days is about on the level of a not-too-bright three year old…

  6. kara says:

    I *thought* I did but it turns out he doesn’t remember it. I’ll just have to bounce him again until he has it memorized, even though he’s almost 13 :)

  7. My Austrian friend remembers her great-grandmother playing the game with her! And it was “reiten mit den Edelleuten… reiten mit den Kaufleuten… reiten mit den Bauern…” (those are the proper articles and noun endings).

  8. Julia Boeving says:

    Wie reiten den die Edelleute – zop zop zop zop zop
    Wie reiten den die Kaufleute – hop hop hop hop hop
    Wie stuckert den der Bauer – kalupa, kalupa, kalupa

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