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Squirrel Report

The squirrel is perking up nicely and starting to take his feedings a little more cooperatively–actively sucking as I squirt the formula in.  That’s pretty gratifying!  I sure hope he makes it.

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Squirrel Baby

D17 found a baby squirrel in the yard….he seemed to have been there for awhile and didn’t have any prospects for survival that way, so he and his dad brought him in and we fixed a cardboard box up for … Continue reading

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By Saturday noon, I had mockups ready to show my client and emailed the link. I was thankful to get to that point by then–it meant I could take the weekend off, guilt-free. We went to D17’s ballgame, knowing there … Continue reading

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A Full Tuesday

Back to our normal routine after the 3 day weekend.  I seem to have a new client and I’m excited about that.  I have another one waiting in the wings, too, I think.  (That is to say, I think I … Continue reading

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A little bit about Babywise

Babywise’s author, Gary Ezzo, used to confidently contrast his advice with demand feeding, but in more recent years after much criticism, he is quick to portray his advice as similar to demand feeding. Demand feeding is the practice of feeding … Continue reading

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I Don’t Get Prokofiev

We attended a piano/violin concert this afternoon and I’m truly thankful for the opportunity — in our small town — to go and hear such accomplished musicians play their fingers off to a small crowd. It was a remarkable performance … Continue reading

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